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Cindy & Norm: Our Website & History! Please Take Note!

Scrubs change constantly in regards to styles and availability.  It can be frustrating.  As a result of that, note that all scrubs listed are "shopped" with the link that leads to the manufacturer's site - pointing you right to the appropriate collection.  You can then return to our site and order via email, phone or even a text!  We cater to local, but are glad to ship anywhere.  This lowers your cost as we do not have to hire someone to constantly update this site...I mean, why do this when it's all right there?!  You already know your information with us is secure...It always has been...

We are comprised of a "retired" nurse and the most friendliest delivery & warehouse manager around known to most as simply 'Cindy & Norm,' We have been in business since 2003 in Richmond Kentucky.   We like to think that we are making the lives of others "EZ-er" for those that give to others in healthcare. After leaving the brick & mortar retail scene, we are using our expertise with products to develop a tried and true line of goods & services to not only make your life ez-er but a bit for fun too!  

What Do We Have For Who?

EZ Care has a wonderful line of professional goods and we are developing a line of trusted personal life products for anyone that works in healthcare!  Nurses, Nurse-Assistants, Technicians (Lab, Radiology, etc.) Therapists, and Yes...Physicians...Just to name a few!  You "give" every day, now it's time to "receive!"

Uniform Sales Events, Color-Code Consultations & Fundraisers

Whether you desire a "straight-up" Uniform Show or A Fund-Raising Event, we will work with your HR Department, Payroll, Volunteer or any appropriate personnel for a smooth event!

Additionally, we have experience in consulting with your facility for changes or implementation of Dress Codes.  We have assisted two area hospitals and physicians groups very successfully & can provide written references.

Feel Better, Live EZ-er

I love to write.  I am 60+ and enjoy sharing with you some things I have learned about working in healthcare, wearing scrubs, finding comfy shoes and support wear and saving time and money every day on every day products.      Take a Tip...They're FREE!  



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Order Scrubs By Emailing Anytime Or Call M-F 9-5!

Don't hesitate to order! We will personalize your purchase and not only take your order, but provide any suggestions or sales we feel are appropriate.  We can take your information, process your payment or complete your payroll deduction form and send you what you need!

You can add other items to your order or go ahead an order and pay through our website any additional items.

Upcoming Shows and Sale Events!

UNIFORM/SHOE SHOW & Paparazzi $1-$5 Jewelry Sale! 

Weds., September 5th - Pedway 11am-7pm.  Baptist Health Richmond Hospital Payroll Deduction Provided All Local Facilities Plus All Forms Of Payment.  ALSO!  Papparazi $5 Adult & $1 Kid's Jewelry 9am-5pm


SATURDAY, SEPT. 15TH 1pm-9pm

SUNDAY, SEPT. 16th 9am-5pm

Berea Sr. Citizens Comm. Center (Behind Russell Akton Folk Center Jefferson Street)

Payroll Deductions:  The Terrace, Berea Healthcare, Baptist Health Richmond; Hospital & Offices, Telford Terrace:  Madison, Kenwood, Stanton, Irvine TBA

UNIFORM/SHOE SHOW & SALE & $1-$5 Paparazzi Jewelry

Weds., September 19th - Pedway -11am - 7pm 

Baptist Health Richmond Hospital Payroll Deduction For All Local Approved Facilities Plus All Forms of Payment.  

UNIFORM/SHOE SALE & $1-$5 PAPARAZZI JEWERLY Wednesday October 3rd 11am-7pm - Pedway Baptist Health Richmond Hospital.  All approved payroll deduction facilities are welcome!

UNIFORM/SHOES & MORE! SALE Thurs., October 4th - 10:30am-6pm - Therapy D Hall Somerset Nursing Center - Somerset KY. Payroll Deduction For Somerset

UNIFORM/SHOE SALE &$1-$5 PAPARAZZI JEWELRY Wednesday, October 17th - 11am-7pm - Pedway Baptist Health Richmond Hospital

Anyone Welcome with All Payroll Deductions by Approved Facilities

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An Email Will Do...Good Or Bad.  But Hopefully, It's "All Good!"  


OR Call or text to 859-661-0664

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We Personalize!

We Offer Embroidery Services For Any Apparel You Purchase!  Simply Email us When You Order Or Choose Specific Embroidery Products When Shopping!

Q:  Who Can Contact You To Book A Show Or Receive Information?

A:  Anyone!  Then we will contact anyone you desire to supply more information as needed.

Q:  Do You Ship anywhere in the U.S. or only delivery locally?

A:  Both!

Q:  Do You Have Somewhere I Can Pick Up My Orders in Your Area?

A:  Yes!  We have arrangements with A local retailer With a store-front In special cases.  Email Us Prior To Your Order Or Call To Arrange This FREE Delivery.

Q:  Can I order SCRUBS directly through the website?  

A:  Yes and No...Yes, by emailing or calling us with the information after viewing the links to mfr. websites we provide.  No in that we will not actually process your payment through our website because it is impossible to add them to the cart because specific options are not listed.

Q:  Can I order everything EXCEPT scrubs directly through the website with payment forms outside of payroll deduction?

A:  Yes!

Q:  Do I Always Need To Contact EZ Care Via Email Or Phone To Order & Utilize Payroll Deduction?

A:  Yes and you will not be disappointed!

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